First Home Buyer Guide: Here's What You Need to Know

First Home Buyer Guide: Here’s What You Need to Know

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Buying a new home has many meanings for people. For some it would mean an asset and for some a new home! Whatever may be the reason, buying a new home has both its excitement and nervousness. Especially when you are a first home buyer! A first home buyer has both the responsibility of making a good deal work out, while the first home buyer also needs to make sure that the money has been well invested in happiness.

And many times, it is quite possible that without professional help and support, you may end up making mistakes. Not always but it is quite possible in cases where a loan comes into the picture!

For example, did you know about the First Home Buyer Grant.

Well, back in 2001, the government introduced a scheme for offsetting the effect of GST on the home ownership. It is a national level scheme which is applicable in all the states and regions. As a first home buyer, you are entitled to this grant. The point here is that while many people know about this, getting to know the eligibility criteria is a tad bit tedious! And this is where we offer our help and ensure that you are able to seek this grant even when you may not be fully aware of this benefit offered to you.

And then there is a stamp duty question mark!

Now let’s come to the stamp duty. You may or may not be aware that as a first home buyer, there is a technical responsibility in the deal, which is the first home buyer stamp duty. As per some laws as a first home buyer you DO NOT need to pay the first home buyer stamp duty. But then there are some people who may fraudulently convince you to pay one or make a hidden charge about it. When you let us handle this deal for you, we make sure that you pay only what needs to be paid and do not get hassled by costs and pricing that is not genuine. So, when it comes to first home buyer stamp duty, let us figure it out!

Did you know if you are a first home buyer there are schemes for you?

Now when you buy property, buy a home, somewhere while you are doing yourself a favour, you are also contributing to the economy of the country. And this is why you are genuinely entitled to certain schemes and benefits. When you are a first home buyer, there are different first home buyer schemes, that you can use to your benefit. But as strange as it sounds, not all people know about these schemes and not all people avail them. For example, as a First Home Buyer you can be entitled to an Equity Loan and many other loans that you may not be otherwise aware of. When we help you find a good deal, we make sure that we offer these services and check the benefits that you can avail. This is expected to be your first experience in purchasing a home and naturally, you would not know all the tricks and secrets of the trade, but as an experienced company handling many cases and customers in a day, we know exactly what to offer you.

Some other small things that you should be knowing about as a first homer buyer!

The difference between a tenant and a home owner is that as a home owner you need not ask before nailing a hook on the wall! While that is on light fun, the difference between being a tenant and being a home owner is really large.

  • Start with careful budgeting! It really different when you plan and when you spend. Best is trust us and we make sure that this gap between what you have planned and what you will spend is literally ZERO.
  • There are many costs and charges that you may not know as a first-time home buyer!. When we speak with us, we make sure that you know exactly where you need to spend and where you need to save!
  • Talk about grants! So, Victoria offers a $10,000 grant and transfer fees
    concessions which can also be called stamp duty or duty concessions. At the same time, NSW gives $10,000 plus transfer fee concessions. Check the region and then make the decision!
  • Check the availability of the schemes and benefits that you may be eligible for!
  • Even when you think that your problems are solved with a broker, the issues may actually start when you hire one. Engage a broker who is reputed, has knowledge and is most importantly, licensed.
  • Your broker may be making a commission from this deal. ASK about it!
  • Buy a home in a community in which you want to live in for ever. Look for areas, where local facilities are better developed.
  • Engage us, Trust Us and Leave your worries to US!

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