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7 First Home Buyer’s Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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That’s not just a house that you are buying, it’s you first house!. This sentence is enough to create the excitement and the fear that develops. What if the choice made is wrong? What if I have not cracked a good deal? What is my experience as a first-time home buyer is not positive?

How many times have you thought of searching for some first-time home buyer schemes to make the purchase easy for you? In this post, we bring to you the 7 biggest first-time home buyer mistakes that people make. And while you read through this, we are right here, waiting for a hint to help you out! Read on to see where you could possibly go wrong and many times, this going wrong is not predicted!

Selecting the home before the mortgage

Trust us when we say that it is always better the other way around. Get the
mortgage deals first as a first time home buyer and then look for the property. It is so disheartening for so many first time home buyers, to not be able to buy the house they have set their heart on, because the Mortgage deals dint work out that way. So the best way is to first find the mortgage deal and then look around for the property. Make it easier for yourself and let us do this whole merry go round thing for you! Click here to know how and why we are there to help you!

Did you just assume the down payment?

A common notion floating in the markets is that a 20% down payment is required whenever and whatever loan you chose. But then how many have had first hand experience in this? Certainly not the first home buyers and not the ones looking for home buyer schemes. It is really now mandatory to make a payment of 20% upfront. There are deals based on funding, annual income, credit history and many other factors. In fact, being a first time borrower may itself change the equation. Talk to us now and we will exactly tell you how much you need to pay as a down payment, and it may not be 20%!

You tend to think that you know the costs involved

When we say that we have no hidden charges, we know exactly the claim we make! But as a new first time home buyer, this is what each vendor, bank and lender would say to you. Mightily, when you start the paper work you would realise that there are many costs that were not disclosed earlier and by then the home buyer is so stuck within the process, that you may not be able to pull out. This is why we are there to make sure you do not make the mistake of falling into this trap and are completely aware of what you are paying and why you are paying it, even before you have finalised your decision.

Selecting the home buyer schemes is intuitive

How many times have you heard someone say, ‘I selected this deal because it was the best!’ or may be ‘I took this first home buyer scheme, because I trust them’. Saying this is so easy especially when a first time home buyer is saying this. And then the chances of you being influenced is so high. You may just pick a first time home buyer scheme, because your friend just did it some weeks or months ago. But this is where we need to caution you! What was good and best for someone else, may not be the best for you. So why limit your chances and stick to deals that others have taken. Give us a chance and we will prove what we just said!

I got the best Rate quote

No matter how much we want to agree with this, this is not true. Especially, in this country where the rates are changing and the deals are changing. We can prove that there are different rates being offered and these rates are changing.

Want to compare the rates offered by best banks in Australia, read here

Let us find the different rates, get you the many quotes available and then tell you the process, pros and cons, and leave the decision to you! Get a quote now or rather, get the quotes now.

Did you check the credit history?

There are so many personal experiences we have had, where the customers were fed up because they did not check their credit scores and credit histories. Trust this word, that even the first time home buyers can fall into this! Ever heard about the first home buyer grant? You are supposed to be saving on the GST with this. So we make sure that you are able to avail this benefit. Want to try this scheme, just talk to us!

I dint know I was not supposed to pay the First Home buyer stamp duty

This is why we are so happy that we have mastered the expertise. In NSW, the first time home buyers are no longer supposed to pay the stamp duty on homes after a certain value. We tell you that this value is up to $650,000. Then there are values for empty land and other types of properties too. It is quite easy to get confused and not understand this process completely. So this is why it is important that you seek expert advice!

Now that we told you about the exemption for the first home buyer stamp duty and talked about the First Home Buyers Grant NSW, let us put all this into action. A call or a text is all that it takes to seek an opinion from us. Just because we talked does not mean that you have to avail our services. Connect with us now just for an expert opinion!

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answers. Just comment your queries and we are at it!

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