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Perth Housing Market is Set for Significant Growth

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The Real Estate Institute of Western Australia (REIWA) predicts that median house selling prices in Perth, Western Australia, might rise by 20% by year’s end, signaling a significant recovery in the city’s real estate market. This positive forecast is based on an amalgamation of elements suggesting rapid expansion and record-breaking numbers in the local real estate market.

Perth’s housing market is experiencing a strong rise, according to REIWA’s 2024 property market quarterly update. The housing sector saw a notable 4.3% gain over the quarter that ended in December, and early statistics for March show a further 4.2% rise. These figures suggest an increasing trend, which is probably going to continue as more properties finalize their deals. Over the course of the year ending in March, the median house sale price has risen by an astonishing 13.6%, shattering previous records and reaching an impressive $625,000.

The CEO of REIWA emphasizes the possibility of more expansion, saying that a 20% rise in median prices is feasible between January and December of 2024 if present market conditions continue. The city’s resilient housing market is supported by a number of variables that lend credibility to this optimism.

One ongoing element predicts that supply and demand will continue to mismatch, keeping prices rising all year long. Furthermore, Perth’s strong economy, characterized by low unemployment rates, increases people’s purchasing power and boosts consumer confidence, thus driving up housing demand. Experts predict that an anticipated interest rate drop in Western Australia will have a beneficial effect on buying potential as well.

Notably, Perth’s unit market is also expanding significantly; during the March quarter, the median unit sale price increased by 3.4% to $425,000. Even while single-family homes are still the most popular choice, apartments provide a more affordable way to enter the market, especially with house prices on the rise.

Perth’s rental market is as strong as the sales market, with the median house rent by the end of March hitting a new high of $650 per week. This jump indicates strong demand and competitive market circumstances. It is an 8.3% increase from December and an impressive 18.2% growth year-over-year.

Moreover, the housing market dynamics are also affecting regional Western Australia, as demonstrated by the rapid population increase and rising demand for real estate in regions like the South West. Experts credit the ongoing appeal of lifestyle elements in nearby regions and the changing type of mining employment, which sustains economic activity in these areas, for this tendency.


Analysts expect Perth’s housing market to undergo substantial expansion in 2024 due to a combination of variables such as favorable interest rate forecasts, stable economic conditions, and imbalances in supply and demand. Stakeholders may expect a dynamic real estate landscape marked by rising prices and increased competition across multiple market sectors as long as the city continues to draw in investors and homebuyers.

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