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Understanding Loan-to-Value Ratio in Property Finance

Understanding Loan-to-Value Ratio (LVR) in Property Finance

May 25, 2024by

This simple acronym is one of the most crucial things to know if you...

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Affordability Concerns Ease As Sentiments On Home Buying Improves

Affordability Concerns Ease As Sentiments On Home Buying Improves

May 24, 2024by

News Synopsis Tentative Improvements in Homebuyer Sentiment, with Affordability Concerns Easing Slightly. The “time...

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SME That Are Struggling To Look For Brokers

SME That Are Struggling To Look For Brokers

May 23, 2024by

News Synopsis Tough Times for Small Businesses, But Brokers Offer Lifeline. A difficult economic...

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Schemes & Eligibility

Nfinity Financials is proud to be a part of the latest Australian Government initiative which is great news for eligible home buyers.

As a first home buyer, you may be eligible for various state funding schemes to assist you in getting your own home. You will not only save on stamp duty, but may also qualify for an one-off payment called the First Home Owner Grant.

First Home Owner Grant Scheme

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Under the First Home Buyers Assistance scheme (FHBAS), a first home buyer may get a concessional rate of transfer duty or even an exemption from paying the duty altogether.

First Home Buyer Assistance Scheme

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The First Home Loan Deposit Scheme (FHLDS) is an Australian Government initiative to support eligible first home buyers to build or purchase a new home sooner. The Scheme is administered by the National Housing Finance and Investment Corporation (NHFIC).

First Home Loan Deposit Scheme

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The Home Builder scheme is making it even easier for home buyers and those looking to build a new home to achieve their property goals. A $25,000* grant will directly help young families, first home buyers, upgraders and downsizers to realise their goal of home ownership sooner.

Home Builder Scheme

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Loan Types

We offer a wide range of loans to cater the varied needs of different sets of consumers. The property can either be commercial or personal in nature.

Variable Loan

Variable loan is a loan type in which the rate of interest varies (goes up and down) based on any changes incurred in the Reserve Bank of Australia. The interest rate associated with the outstanding balance is varied according to the market rates.

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Fixed Loan

A fixed loan is a loan type where a certain period of time is agreed upon for freezing the interest rate amount. During this time, the repayments and interest rates remain unchanged. This does not alter even with the changing market conditions.

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Split Loan

A split loan allows the borrower to split the home loan into different account based on which the different rates of interest are incurred. The allocation of the amount dedicated to each account is at the discretion of the borrower and as agreed by the lender. The two components of the split mortgage include variable and fixed rate.

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Bridging Loan

A bridging loan acts as an additional loan on the existing loan for the existing property. The bridging period refers to the time wherein you are trying to sell your old property while acquiring a new one.

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Construction Loan

The construction loan type is suitable for those, who are planning to make renovations or building a new home. The loan is obtained stage-wise, wherein the amount can be obtained as the work on the home progresses.

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Line of Credit Loan

The line of credit pre-sets a limit on the amount that can be borrowed at any given time. Until this limit is attained, the amount can be borrowed and repaid at the convenience of the borrower.

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Interest-only Loan

Under this loan type, the borrower is required to pay for the interest only during some part of the term or all the term. The principal amount remains unchanged for the duration of the interest-only time.

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Low Doc Loan

Low doc loan type enables a borrower with limited income, assets and employment proof apply for a mortgage. This is a suitable loan option for people with variable monthly income amidst uncertain financial situations.

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Application fee / Establishment fee Fee charged to cover or partially cover the lender’s internal costs of considering a loan application. Also referred to as an establishment fee by some lenders. The fees are sometimes required to be paid upfront and are not usually refundable unless the loan is refused.
Assets A list of what an individual currently owns, such as real estate, savings accounts, cars, home contents, superannuation, shares etc.

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