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Understanding Investment Loan Features: Choosing What Works Best for You!

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Investing in property can help you grow your money, but it’s important to pick the right loan features to make the most of it. Even though all home loans might seem alike, they actually come with different options that can affect how much money you make and how you manage your investments. This guide will go over important loan features and things to think about so you can make smart choices that match your investment plans.

Loan Structure: Principal and Interest vs Interest

The type of loan you choose can affect how much money you make.

You might choose a principal and interest loan. With this type of loan, you pay off both the money you borrowed (called the principal) and the extra charge from the bank (called the interest). It’s usually for a set period, and the good thing is, as you keep paying, you’ll eventually own the property all by yourself.

You might go for an interest-only loan. With this type, you only pay the extra charge on the loan with each payment. You’re not chipping away at the actual borrowed money. But the good thing is, this kind of loan lets you keep your payments low and have more money available for a while, usually for just a few years.

Loan Types: Variable, Fixed, and Split

When it comes to loans, you have a few options to consider.

Variable Loan:

With this type, your interest rate can change, which means your repayments might go up or down. It’s good if you think interest rates might drop. Plus, you can usually pay extra whenever you want to reduce the amount you owe. Some variable loans start with low rates for a short time, like the first year.

Fixed Loan:

This loan locks in your interest rate for a few years, usually one to five. So, your rate stays the same during that time. This could be great if you’re worried about interest rates going up. It also helps you plan your budget because your payments won’t change. But remember, you usually can’t make extra payments with this type.

Split Loan:

This is a mix of both. You get part of your loan at a fixed rate and part at a variable rate. It gives you some stability with the fixed part and flexibility with the variable part. So, if interest rates go down, you can benefit, but if they go up, you’re still protected.

Offset Account

An offset account can really help property investors. It works like this: if you keep your savings in an offset account that’s connected to your loan, it can lower the amount of interest you have to pay on your mortgage. But the best part is, you can still use that money whenever you need it. So, it’s like getting two benefits at once: you save on interest, and you keep your money available for other investments or expenses down the road.

Revaluation and Accessing Equity

When you revalue your investment property, you check how much it’s worth now. If it’s gone up in value, that’s called equity. You can use this equity to do different things, like buying more properties, fixing up the ones you have, or spreading your investments out. It’s like finding extra money that you can use to grow your finances. Checking your property’s value regularly and using its equity can open up new ways to make more money.

Line of Credit

A line of credit is like having a flexible pot of money available to you. You can take out cash when you need it, just like using a credit card. You just pay interest on the amount used. This money can be handy for things like property costs, fixing up your property, or grabbing new investment chances.

Repayment Frequency

Some loans let you choose how often you pay back, whether it’s once a month, every two weeks, or weekly. Matching your repayment schedule with when you get rent money can help you manage your cash better and reduce how much interest you pay in the long run.
Understanding investment loan features can be a bit confusing, but don’t worry, we’re here for you at Nfinity Financials. Our team of experts is ready to help you figure it all out. We’ll give you advice that fits your investment plans perfectly. Schedule a consultation call with us today so we can start your investment journey together, with confidence. You can also read related articles here.

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