Housing Crisis - The Challenge Continues In Australia

Housing Crisis – The Challenge Continues In Australia

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According to a recent update, the housing problem remains a challenge. To break away from the road, stressing planning limits has proven ineffective. It does not address the full circle of crisis hitting the housing market. 

“Only focusing on planning restrictions isn’t the problem that needs to be addressed to solve the housing shortage,” say market experts.

Effect on Rentals and Prices

The housing crisis has had a huge impact on the residential sector, with current property prices and rentals rising since the epidemic. The construction industry has faced capacity constraints and rising costs. Renters are particularly hit back with vacancy rates and rents shooting up by more than 40% across Urban and regional areas.  

Delayed Constructions and Increased Costs

Even though there are approvals for new construction, many projects have not commenced because of exorbitant costs and other financial pressures.

We observed that currently out of Five only One approved home flows through to completion which is a bigger stay back, than what has been observed throughout the past decade. 

Increased expenses can jeopardize the feasibility of new initiatives, reducing developers’ potential returns.

Focus on increased building activity

According to current data, the construction of new dwellings is much lower than what is required to meet future housing demand.  

As market experts and followers, we believe that completing just under 170,000 new homes a year and commencing even fewer which is below the average than the prior decade. To reach the necessary goal or an average, it is important to double the building activity. 

Source: ABS

Call To Action

Our market specialists anticipate that as rental prices rise and new constructions remain modest, loan rates may rise further. In the best-case scenario, now is the time to invest in buying a property. Help yourself to increase your negative gearing.

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