Pre Approved Home Loan: Know The Basics For First Time Buyers

Pre Approved Home Loan: Know All The Basics For First Time Buyers

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For a lot of first-time home buyers, getting pre-approved for a home loan is like taking the first step toward making their dream home a reality. It’s an important step because it helps you know how much money you can borrow and makes both you and the bank feel more sure about the process. But understanding pre-approvals can be confusing. Let’s talk about what they are and how they work to make it clearer for you.

Understanding Pre-Approval

Simply put, a pre-approval is like a thumbs-up from a lender saying they’re ready to lend you a certain amount based on what you’ve told them. It’s not a promise from you to take the loan or from the lender to give it to you. But having this thumbs-up helps you look for houses more confidently, make offers, and show sellers you’re serious about buying.

Duration and Expiry

Usually, a pre-approval lasts for two to three months, depending on the lender’s rules. But make sure to check the expiration date written in the paperwork they give you. If it’s about to expire, act fast. Talk to them about extending it or getting a new pre-approval using the documents you already gave them.

Limitations and Conditions

Getting pre-approved for a loan is a good start when you’re buying a home, but it’s important to know it’s not set in stone. Things like changes in your income or big shifts in interest rates can affect how much you can borrow and if you’ll actually get the loan. Also, some lenders might have rules about the types of properties they’ll pre-approve, like serviced apartments or really small ones. Knowing about these rules can make your search for a property easier and help you avoid problems later on.

Adapting to Market Dynamics

In a changing market where interest rates can go up and down, you might worry if your pre-approval is still good. Small changes in interest rates usually won’t cause any problems, but if they change a lot, it’s a good idea to check with your lender to see if you can still borrow the same amount. So, keep talking to your lender and keep an eye on what’s happening in the market to stay confident about your pre-approval.

What Comes Next?

Once you find a property you like that fits your budget, it’s time to make an offer. Before you do, talk to your lender to make sure the property meets their rules. Ask for a report on the property’s value to help you decide. When you make your offer, whether it’s at an auction or through negotiation, it’s smart to include a finance clause. This gives you about ten days to get formal approval for the loan, protecting you if things don’t work out with the financing.

It’s important to let real estate agents know you’re pre-approved for a loan. This shows them you’re serious about buying and can give you an advantage when negotiating. Keep being open and thorough during the whole process to make the journey from pre-approval to owning a home as smooth as possible.


Getting pre-approved for a loan is a big step in buying a home, but it’s not the only thing to consider. To make the most of your pre-approval, you need to stay on top of things, know what’s happening in the market, and talk openly with lenders and real estate agents. By doing this, you can feel more sure and clear as you search for your dream home.

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