Your Trump Card For The Best Mortgage Offer This Spring

Your Trump Card For The Best Mortgage Offer This Spring

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Spring is right around the corner and just like always will come with several offers and deals from the best mortgage brokers in Sydney. However, with the interest rates at a historically low point and the vast amount of time that extended lockdown has dropped in the lap of buyers combined with the fact that there is a massive back log of properties waiting to be sold, this season is going to be something else entirely. Real estate and by extension the mortgage business was never a child’s play by any means however in the spring it transforms from a cut throat competition to outright war. And the thing about war is, it doesn’t matter how many weapons you have. Ultimately its determining factor is who holds the trump card?

So, what is the trump card in the war of mortgage? It’s simple really, your trump card, the one you can use to get your hands on the home of your dreams this spring season is none other than the expertise of a mortgage broker. An excellent mortgage broker knows their way around the various doors of the property business. They have the connections, the knowledge and the resources to not only fetch the home you are looking for, but also close an affordable deal on the same, Irrespective whether you are an investor, a first home buyer or a veteran of the business.

If you are wondering where you can find such an excellent mortgage broker to help you get that edge and be your trump card in the upcoming war then look no further than Nfinity Financials. To give you an idea let us give you the exact ways of how we will assist in your triumph.


1. Preliminary Consultation: Get on a call with the best mortgage brokers in Sydney for an Initial consultation (via Face to Face, Zoom, Skype, Phone) to understand your specific requirements.

2. Obtaining Information and Documents: We discuss in detail and try to Get all information required to understand your financial position by obtaining documents to confirm the income, liabilities, assets and other information pertaining to your finances.

3. Credit Review: Detailed review of your financial situation to understand loan eligibility and comparing different products from various lenders to find the best loan options for your specific requirements.

4. Credit Proposal: The best mortgage brokers in Sydney will always suggest suitable loan product options for you to consider, including an assessment of the most suitable deals available. Preparing a detailed credit proposal based on your preferences and requirements.

5. Implementation: Reach an agreement on the loan strategy and complete the necessary paperwork for your application. Go ahead and Liaise with different stakeholders (real estate agent, solicitors, lender banks, valuation teams etc) and lodging the loan application and monitoring till we get the approval. Throughout implementation, your mortgage broker should proactively keep you abreast with all the developments. Unlike the banks, you won’t have to go through a one sided process, and our team will make this process seamless and hassle-free for you. Usually, the Best Mortgage brokers will take care of the entire process right through from pre-approval to settlement and funding.

6. Monitoring your Mortgage: For a good mortgage broker in Sydney, relationship with clients does not end when your loan gets settled, in fact that’s where it truly starts. They will actively monitor your loan and keep you informed of any latest rate changes that can be beneficial for you. They proactively make any necessary recommendations if required.

7. Give you a perspective of the market: Real estate market is one in a state of constant flux. It changes with every passing year and every recurring season. For the most part, terms and conditions that applied just a few months back might not apply today. Hence, it is easy for the uninitiated to fall victim to a lack of information or having backdated information. It is why having knowledge gained from doing thorough research and being updated with current insights of the market is perhaps the most useful tool that Nfinity FinancialsThe best mortgage brokers in Sydney has at his/her disposal.

The real estate market may shift from being urban property oriented to regional property oriented, the approval rate of home loan may decrease from 48% to 40% and the house prices across various regions of Australia may increase by 4.95% but Nfinity financials will always be ready to monitor these changes followed by countermeasures to ease it out for our customers. Insights and steps like these have helped establish us as the best mortgage brokers in Syndey and help us enable you to rise above the competition as an investor or buy the perfect home suitable for all seasons as a first home buyer.

8. Best mortgage brokers help you see the unseen: As a first home buyer or a property investor at some point during your ordeal you will come to grasp of your own human limitations. There are only so many options you can look into in the ever growing and ever evolving market that is the real estate. You might just miss out on a deal of a lifetime best suited for you and you won’t even know about it. That is why the ability of a good mortgage broker to provide a wide range of mortgage loans from a number of different lenders is paramount to your cause. The greater the broker’s experience and network, the better your opportunity to obtain the loan product at the interest rate that best suits your needs.

A good mortgage broker not only widens the scope of your options but also provides new ways for you to approach them. A pre-approval process with a mortgage broker can potentially be your biggest weapon, when it comes to buying a home, as it allows you to understand how much you can borrow and therefore, what you can spend on a property, stopping you from looking at properties out of your price range. They can also help you better prepare when applying for first home grant if in case it is your first home.

9. Rendering the worst; ineffective: The historically low interest rates at the moment in Australia has somewhat become a double edged sword. What it has consecutively caused is an increase in the price of homes, followed by an increase in loan applications. This inevitably has made most financial institutions stricter with their loan approvals. Thus, giving a rise to rejection rates.

At Nfinity financials we understand that when you have looked in to your loan application down to the last detail and are left contemplating the outcome, having it rejected is perhaps the most frustrating feeling of them all.

An Nfinity mortgage broker navigates the client through any situation, handling the process and smoothing any bumps in the road along the way. For example, if borrowers have credit issues, the broker will know which lenders offer the best products to meet their needs. Borrowers who find they need larger loans than their bank will approve, also benefit from a broker’s knowledge and ability to successfully obtain finances.

To sum it all up for a potential buyer on their way to become a home owner this spring season what you need to understand is that a mortgage broker represents your interests rather than the interests of a lending institution. They act not only as your agent, but as a knowledgeable consultant and problem solver. With access to a wide range of mortgage products, a broker is able to offer you the greatest value in terms of interest rate, repayment amounts, and loan products. 

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