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Home improvement trends to try for 2022

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New year, new home renovations! With the fresh start of 2022, the time is right to think about what home improvements you may want to make.

Pandemic-related restrictions and lockdowns forced millions of Australians to spend more time at home than ever before. According to Hipages data, money they would have spent on travel, entertainment, or property has been directed towards home improvements.

During the lockdown period, 83% of Australians used to save an average of $1,183 each month. And two-thirds of homeowners intended to use these savings on home upkeep, upgrades, repairs, and renovations.

According to the recent APRA figures, we’re still expanding our savings after the lockdowns, with cash and deposits with financial institutions increasing by $16.2 billion (3.9 percent) in October 2021 alone.

The research also mentions that over half of those surveyed planned to spend between $1000 and $10,000 on home upgrades in the following six months. And the most common reason for renovation is that homeowners choose to remodel rather than upsize, which is unsurprising given that property prices are still growing across the nation.

So, you’re not alone if you’ve been thinking of putting some of your lockdown savings on the family home. Let’s look at some home renovation trends to consider this year.

  1. Nature-inspired design

Research showed that keeping plants in your house may help you focus and relax. They also enhance the quality of your indoor air. We’re settling into a work-from-home lifestyle. People are looking for methods to bring the outside into their homes. In recent years, biophilic design ideas have gained popularity. It focuses on creating relaxing, plant-filled surroundings that provide a visual connection with nature.

It appears that our collective love for lush interior surroundings will continue to bloom this year.

  1. Geometry with Waves

Rounded features will continue to be popular this year, but the trend will spread and take on new forms. We hope to see more curvilinear elements in the home, besides sofas with rounded edges and arched windows or entrances.

You can incorporate circular structural details like waterfalls, corners on consoles, countertops, and headboards. Alternatively, use a less-permanent design, such as drum tables and circular area rugs.

Nonetheless, there may be two areas in the house where circular elements may have the biggest splash this year.

  1. Spaces that serve many purposes

With so many of us opting to work from home, offices or study rooms has become necessary additions to our homes. The ordinary house shall effortlessly convert from a daytime workplace to a comfortable living and relaxing zone. Mobile furniture, open rooms, and well-designed woodwork are examples of this. These spaces are entirely personal, and we must build them in a way that is suitable for your workflow and promotes productivity – functionality, practicality, and aesthetics all play a significant role.

  1. Feature walls

Feature walls, which were quite popular in the early 2000s, are one of the easiest and greatest non-permanent methods to be fun and creative in your home. Here, paint isn’t the only option. Wallpaper is an excellent option for making a statement or adding texture and pattern to an area.

  1. Zen-inspired interiors

Following the nature-inspired trend, zen-looking and feeling interiors will be at the forefront of home design this year. This trend incorporates minimalism, organic forms, indoor plants, and natural materials and colours.

  1. The earth’s colors

Colors like Eucalyptus and olive greens, as well as ocre and clay browns, will trend throughout the year, reflecting our desire to be in touch with nature. We expect darker wood colours to make a reappearance. If bold colours appeal to you, they’ll be here soon, but for now, use them sparingly. Tiny hints of bold primary colours such as blue, yellow, and red are being introduced in a sophisticated and simple way.

  1. Lines

Design trends for 2022 are all about geometrics and symmetry. Slim lines are everywhere, with the usage of reeded glass growing into kitchen cabinets, room separators, windows, and doors.

Linear finger mosaics, often known as “kit kat” tiles, are becoming popular in kitchen splashbacks, bathroom walls, and wrapping themselves around curved feature walls.

  1. Sheer curtains from floor to ceiling

Inside homes, ceilings are rising to incredible heights, and glass walls bring in light, but you must insulate it against heat, cold, and prying eyes. Enter the sheer curtain. We should say re-enter because this isn’t a new trend. It’s also not messy clotted cream colours, but modern, gossamer-light swaths of goodness to conceal what’s unpleasant and beautifully diffuse the light.

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