Regional Dwelling Values Surpassing Capital Cities

Regional Dwelling Values Surpassing Capital Cities

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Surprisingly, houses in rural Australia are getting more expensive faster than in big cities. A report from CoreLogic says that from January to April 2024, the value of houses in rural areas went up by 2.1%, which is the fastest growth in almost two years. This is way more than the 1.7% increase seen in big cities during the same time.

The numbers tell us that rural areas are bouncing back strong, and it’s because of a mix of reasons. Economists from CoreLogic say it’s because rural areas have a variety of industries like farming, tourism, ports, and mining that are doing well. This is making people move from other states to rural areas, which means more people need houses there. Also, houses in rural areas are cheaper compared to cities, and there aren’t as many houses available, so that’s making prices go up even more.

Western Australia is doing really well in rural areas, especially in places like Geraldton, Busselton, and Bunbury. Geraldton’s house prices went up by 8.8% in the last three months, while Busselton saw a rise of 7.7%. Bunbury had an outstanding growth of 20.7% over the past year, showing how strong the housing market is in these areas.

However, not all areas are seeing prices go up. In Victoria and NSW, places like Ballarat and Port Macquarie have seen a drop of 2% in house prices over the last three months. Ballarat, in particular, had a 4.2% decline over the past year, highlighting that real estate trends and challenges can vary greatly by location.

In this changing market, housing affordability is becoming a major issue. Experts point out that it’s getting harder for both renters and potential homebuyers to afford housing. She stresses the need for a detailed approach to tackle changes in population, housing supply, and interest rates.

The future of regional housing markets depends on a careful balance of factors like population trends, economic conditions, and government policies. CoreLogic’s latest data shows that home values increased by 0.6% in April, marking the 15th month in a row of rising prices.


The rise in regional home values shows there is a lot of potential and opportunities in these areas. For investors, policymakers, and communities, making the most of the strengths and tackling the challenges of regional markets will be essential for achieving sustainable growth and prosperity for everyone.

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