Mandurah Becomes Australia's Fastest-Growing City

Mandurah Becomes Australia’s Fastest-Growing City

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Mandurah, a small town on Western Australia’s coast, has become Australia’s fastest-growing city. Its population has shot up by 91% in the last 20 years, making it a big deal nationally. This growth, according to Propertyology, a top property research firm, shows how Mandurah has changed from a quiet beach town to a busy city.

Just an hour’s drive from Perth, Mandurah’s growth has been amazing. Back in 1954, it was just the 114th biggest town in Australia with only 1,689 people. But now, it’s become a lively city with over 100,000 residents. Top researcher at Propertyology, says Mandurah’s journey shows how it’s become the 24th biggest city in Australia.

Mandurah is known for its great lifestyle, often compared to places like the Central Coast in NSW and Noosa in Queensland. But what sets Mandurah apart is that you can find houses here at much lower prices. Experts say the average house price is about $530,000, which is way cheaper compared to Perth and other big cities. That’s why it’s a good option for people looking to buy a home or invest in property.

Mandurah’s rapid growth is because of a few key reasons, like people moving there and changes in the population. The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) says Mandurah’s population has grown super fast in the last 20 years, way more than the average across Australia. While big cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Darwin are losing some people, Mandurah has gained around 30,000 new residents, not just from Perth but also from the UK.

Looking closely at the numbers, Propertyology’s research shows that many people from Perth and the UK have moved to Mandurah, making up a big part of the population. Also, Mandurah is attractive to FIFO (Fly-In-Fly-Out) workers from the mining industry. These factors have boosted Mandurah’s population and made it a big deal in Australia’s cities.

To accommodate its growing population, Mandurah is working on big plans to build new neighborhoods where there used to be empty land. They’re focusing on building houses instead of tall buildings to keep the coastal vibe alive. But because of this choice, they’re building homes on smaller plots, so people might be closer to their neighbors than usual.

Despite its rapid growth, Mandurah continues to face economic challenges, particularly given Western Australia’s dependence on exporting goods abroad. When China’s demand for these exports drops, it affects the whole state, including property prices in Mandurah. For example, in 2020, the average house price fell to $270,000, similar to what it was over ten years ago.


Mandurah’s journey from a quiet town to a lively city shows how well regional areas in Australia can change and adapt. As Mandurah keeps growing and dealing with ups and downs in the economy, its story is a great example of how communities can thrive and grow together in Australia.

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