Things you should know about line of credit loan and benefits of it

Line of Credit Loan

A line of credit loan can be defined as the borrowing limit that is pre-set and can be utilised at any given time. The borrower is allowed to access the funds present in the line of credit as long as the maximum amount does not get exceeded. The value of the maximum amount is set and agreed upon in the initial agreement between the lender and borrower. The line of credit is beneficial for cases and items for which the banks are not easily willing to provide loans.

Benefits and Things to Remember

  • The major advantage of the line of credit loan is the characteristic of being able to borrow the needed amount without having to pay the interest amount on a large loan.
  • The flexibility of the term is also present with the borrower, which enabled him to return the amount owed by him at his own ease.
  • This loan type is suitable for people, who have a variable monthly income or for investing in a project that has an unpredictable cost.
  • The credit history of the borrowers is required to be good to be eligible for acquiring this loan.
  • Unsecured type of line of control loans are cheaper as compared to other loan options; however, it can play against you if you are not able to pay back the payments on time.

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Type of employment can have a bearing on what loan option and which bank will be best suited for you. We get cases for a lot of self employed clients who say that it has been difficult for them to get the desired loan. Our brokers specialise in loan applications for all types of employment. Whether you are self employed or on a casual or part time employment or having irregular incomes, our brokers have in-depth knowledge of the bank policies and can suggest a loan solution as per your unique situation.

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“Parag Dixit is very professional and excellent in communication to make sure all your doubts has been cleared. He is available for any time and made sure entire process went on well seamless manner…”

Ganesh Krishnan and Sujatha Sivaraj
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“Deepak helped us to secure our mortgage for our first home, I would recommend Nfinity without any hesitation. Both Parag and Deepak were very professional, helpful and worked with us…”

Ganesh Gowthaman
Submitted on Jan 2020

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