Housing Market Challenges in Australia

Housing Market Challenges in Australia

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The housing situation is tough right now. Prices keep going up, and there aren’t enough homes to go around. According to experts in the field, things aren’t looking good. They think there won’t be enough homes for people to buy anytime soon.

These experts have been looking at the numbers, and they say the gap between how many homes people want and how many are actually available is getting bigger. Even though some people thought fewer people moving in might help, that’s not the case. There are still lots of new people coming, and not enough new homes are being built. Last year, only 163,500 homes got the green light for building, way less than the government wanted, which was 240,000. So, the problem with not enough homes is still here.

One big reason why there aren’t enough homes is because lots of people keep moving in. Every year, the number of people goes up by a big 2.5 per cent. But the number of homes being approved for building isn’t keeping up with all these new people. That’s why there just aren’t enough homes to go around, and it’s making prices shoot up.

Even though interest rates on loans are really low right now, which usually makes more people want to invest in homes, things aren’t going as expected. There aren’t enough people selling homes, and there are problems with getting all the materials and workers needed to build new ones. Plus, there’s not enough focus on building affordable homes for people who need them. All of these things together make the problem even worse.

The government knows the housing problem is serious. Experts agree that there aren’t enough homes to meet the growing demand, so they say the government needs to act fast to fix it. While things like the Commonwealth Rent Assistance program help a bit, real progress will only happen if the federal and state governments work together to make more homes available.

Even though it’s tough for people wanting to buy a home, those selling are making a lot of money because prices keep going up. Experts think house prices will go up another 5 per cent this year. But, this good news is kind of shadowed by worries about interest rates going up and more people losing their jobs. That could scare away buyers and lead to more people struggling to sell their homes.

Recent numbers from CoreLogic show that prices are going up a lot, especially in medium-sized cities like Perth and Adelaide. Not enough homes being available is still pushing prices higher, and there aren’t as many homes for sale in these cities compared to usual.


The housing market is in a tough spot right now. There aren’t enough homes for everyone who wants one, and more and more people are trying to buy. Both the people making the rules and those in the housing business are trying to figure out what to do. But for now, it’s hard to say what’s going to happen. Finding affordable housing will be extremely difficult for many Australians unless we take action to address the shortage of new construction. 

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