Home Values on the Rise

Home Values on the Rise

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Australia’s house prices keep going up, and different cities are seeing some big changes. CoreLogic just released its latest Home Value Index report. They found that prices have been going up for 16 months straight, and May had a particularly big jump. This info tells us a lot about how different cities and areas are doing in the housing market.

Mid-sized Cities on the Rise

One interesting thing happening lately is how well mid-sized cities are doing in the housing market. In May, places like Perth, Adelaide, and Brisbane saw big jumps in home values. Specifically, Perth was the leader with a whopping 2.0% increase, followed closely by Adelaide and Brisbane with gains of 1.8% and 1.4%. Consequently, this means people who own homes there are seeing their properties become more valuable, which is good news in uncertain times.

The reason behind this success, according to CoreLogic’s research director, is a simple one: there aren’t enough homes available for sale. In Perth, Adelaide, and Brisbane, there just aren’t as many houses on the market as usual. This makes it tough for people looking to buy because they have to compete with each other, which drives prices up. Even though more people are attempting to sell their homes, they are selling swiftly, preserving the supply-demand equilibrium.

Brisbane’s Rise in the Housing Market

One of the biggest changes we’ve seen lately is how well Brisbane is doing in the housing market. It’s now surpassed Canberra to become the second-highest in median dwelling value among the capitals. This is a big deal for Brisbane, the first time it’s happened since 1997. What’s even more surprising is that both house and unit values in Brisbane are going up faster than in Melbourne, something we haven’t seen since 2008.

The pandemic played a big role in this shift. For instance, Brisbane has been growing like crazy, leaving traditional big players like Melbourne and the ACT behind. Factors such as affordability, the kind of lifestyle people want, and more people working from home are likely the reasons Brisbane is standing out now. Ultimately, it shows that things are changing in Australia’s property world.

Sydney’s Strength and What’s Happening in the Market

Even with all these changes, Sydney’s housing market is showing that it’s tough and bouncing back. It reached a big milestone by matching the highest record set back in January 2022. Sydney’s story is all about how it’s been able to recover after things got tough during the pandemic. Interestingly, the more expensive homes in most cities aren’t growing as fast as the cheaper ones. This tells us that what people want and what they can afford is changing.

What This Means for Everyone

CoreLogic’s findings give us a good look at what’s going on in Australia’s housing market. Additionally, from smaller cities making a comeback to Brisbane becoming a major player, these trends show how important it is to be flexible and make smart choices. Moreover, as the market keeps changing along with the economy and society, understanding these shifts is key for investors, people looking to buy homes, and policymakers.


CoreLogic’s Home Value Index gives us a detailed look at what’s happening in Australia’s housing market. It doesn’t just show us the trends but also what’s causing them. As the housing market changes and new chances come up, it’s important to know about these insights. That way, we can make the most of the new opportunities and handle any problems that might come up in the real estate world, which is always changing.

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