Australian Young Home Buyers Forgo Their Dream Home

Australian Young Home Buyers Forgo Their Dream Home

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Surface: A Bankwest survey indicates that young Australians in the West are modifying their aspirations of becoming homeowners because of the intense real estate market. 
To get into the market, millennials and Gen Z are becoming more and more prepared to give up on features (78% up from 67%). Compared to previous years, this entails considering smaller dwellings (36% up from 30%) and less attractive locations (38% up from 33%).
 It’s interesting to see that West Australians are less inclined than East Coasters to give up amenities like pools. There are generational variances as well; in Western Australia, Gen Z is most willing to forgo pleasures (44%). The desire to possess a home endures despite the difficulties. To fulfil their dreams, young West Australians are changing their approach and placing a higher value on cost than perfect features and settings.

According to Bankwest’s House Truths study, young people in Western Australia are becoming more willing to give up some features of their ideal house to handle the stresses of living expenses and get into the real estate market.

With a focus on Western Australia, the study collected responses from over 1,700 people to learn about the requirements and attitudes of present and prospective homeowners.

Generations of Sacrifices For Homeownership

According to the survey, 78% of WA Millennials and Gen Z will forgo certain property characteristics to purchase a home, a significant rise from 67% in the previous study.

The present heated real estate market or the strains of living expenses have not dampened home buyers’ goals. We can see that they are growing increasingly prepared to forgo some characteristics to purchase their own house.

Property Preferences has changed

For location and property size, Western Australians who plan to purchase a home within the next five years are becoming more open to making concessions to locate more inexpensive possibilities.

 According to the study, 38% of respondents are open to moving to less expensive areas (up from 33%) and 36% are prepared to purchase smaller residences (up from 30%).

Disparities in High-End Features

It’s interesting to note that whereas 42% of purchasers on the East Coast are ready to forgo luxuries like decks or pools (up from 32%), this willingness dropped to 33% among buyers in WA, down from 39%.

Younger generations in WA, however, have shown consistency in their willingness to forgo luxuries; Gen Z now makes up 44% of the population (up from 41%), while Millennials make up 33% (up from 29%).

Home Buying Strategies

Homeownership is important in Australia despite economic conditions. 

Significantly, the poll revealed that 43% of WA’s perspective Gen Z homeowners—up from 28%—were prepared to purchase smaller homes. To afford a home, millennials in WA were more likely to purchase in less expensive suburbs, going from 36% to 39%.

Shifting Focuses During the Housing Crisis 

Compared to Millennials, who view a secure location as vital, Gen Z members in WA view it as less important than Millennials, with only 32% (down from 47%) thinking it is vital.

In addition, Gen Z’s propensity to relocate from one country to another dropped from 20% to 16%, indicating a slowdown in the COVID-related “tree change” trend.

Bankwest aims to provide more homeowners nationwide with a straightforward banking experience, and Home Truths demonstrates that the Australian dream is still alive and thriving.

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