Australia's Rental Market Eases with More Vacant Rentals in April

Australia’s Rental Market Eases with More Vacant Rentals in April

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In April, more rental homes were empty in Australia, as shown in a report by PropTrack. While it’s not a big change, it’s still important.

The report says that in April 2024, the number of empty rental homes increased by 0.09%, making the national vacancy rate 1.21%. It’s still hard to find a place to rent because there aren’t many empty homes, but this slight increase might make it a bit easier.

Experts say it’s tough for renters because only 1.21% of rental homes were empty in April. That’s less than half of what’s considered a healthy vacancy rate. Since there aren’t many empty homes, people looking to rent are competing a lot, which is pushing up rent prices.

Regional Insights on Vacancy Rates

Some places had big increases in vacant homes:

  • Perth and Canberra: These cities had the biggest jumps. Perth went up by 0.18%, reaching 1.05%, and Canberra went up to 1.56%.
  • Hobart and Sydney: They were close behind. Hobart went up by 0.16%, and Sydney went up by 0.14%.
  • Melbourne: Its vacancy rate went up by 0.09%, making it 1.23%.

Experts say renters are facing similar challenges in both big cities and smaller towns. In April, both had a 1.2% vacancy rate. But rural areas have seen a bigger drop in available rentals over the year, down by 0.25%, compared to cities, which went down by 0.15%.

Stability in Certain Markets

Despite these increases, some markets showed relative stability:

  • Brisbane: The vacancy rate didn’t really change much here, just a tiny increase to 1.02%, making it the second-lowest in the country.
  • Adelaide: Adelaide had the lowest vacancy rate, with only 0.96% of rental homes empty. Even though there was a slight increase of 0.13 percentage points, it’s still the hardest city to find a rental in. It was the only capital city with a vacancy rate below 1% in April.

Implications for Renters

Even though there are more empty rental homes now, the market is still really tough. Rent prices keep going up because there are more people looking for homes than there are homes available, especially in places like Adelaide and Brisbane, where there aren’t many empty homes. However, the slight increase in vacancies may signal the beginning of a softening in rent increases.

Potential for Improved Rental Affordability

If the number of empty rental homes keeps going up, renters might feel better soon. More empty homes could make it easier to find a place to rent and might slow down how fast rent prices are going up.

For a lot of Australians who’ve had to deal with big rent increases lately, this would be good news. If rents become more steady, people could plan their money better and maybe even save some. And if there’s less competition for rental homes, it could be less stressful for those looking for a place to live.

But let’s wait and see what happens. Even though a small increase in empty homes is a positive sign, we’re not sure if it will keep going or if other things might change. Still, the idea of a fairer rental market gives hope to renters all over the country.


Even though the rise in vacant rental homes right now is small, it could mean rent might become more affordable. The next few months will be really important to see if this keeps happening and helps renters in Australia.

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