Australia Adopt A Successful Urban Development Template

Australia Adopt A Successful Urban Development Template

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News Synopsis
If Broken Hill, a small Australian community in New South Wales, were to draw inspiration from the prosperous cities of Abu Dhabi and Las Vegas, it may become a major urban development success story. This change might help with important problems like standard of life and affordable housing. Future infrastructural projects for Broken Hill include hotels, tourist destinations, sports facilities, art schools, opulent resorts, military training facilities, and an observatory for a space station. Broken Hill would gain from improved regional connections and the use of progressive urban design, as would other communities. The historical significance of Broken Hill, the affordability of property in the area today, and the city’s potential to stimulate the local and national economy via creative urban development are all highlighted in the article.

It is recommended that Australia follow the successful urban development models of Las Vegas and Abu Dhabi to tackle significant issues including the affordability of housing and the standard of living. The best option for this change is Broken Hill, a provincial city in New South Wales.

There is no reason why Broken Hill couldn’t become one of Australia’s greatest urban development success stories of the past 50 years by taking inspiration from Abu Dhabi and Las Vegas.

Affordable Homes & Big Dreams

At the moment, three-to four-bedroom homes in Broken Hill range in price from $200,000 to $350,000, while more expensive residences cost around $600,000. Pressley believes there is a lot of room for improvement.

Future development and infrastructure

Broken Hill’s future will include additional hotels, tourist attractions, a world-class sports center, an arts university, luxury resorts, a military training center, and a space station observatory. With just a 1.5-hour flight from most capital cities, Broken Hill is to become a thriving inland metropolis according to this idea.

A $250,000 house in reasonable condition can currently be purchased in Broken Hill for as little as a $12,500 (5%) deposit, Pressley stated. Compared to 99%  of the pitiful combined efforts of state and federal governments, that is a far more achievable option.

Enhancing Regional Connectivity

The value of forward-thinking urban planning, argues that the development of Broken Hill will improve regional linkages and assist other towns.

We think Broken Hill would greatly benefit from the implementation of such a forward-thinking urban design, and other relatively close areas such as Swan Hill, Mildura, Dubbo, Cobar, Ivanhoe, Hay, Port Augusta, and Port Pirie would also reap advantages.

Facts About Broken Hills

  1. Its abundant mineral resources have earned it the moniker “Silver City.”
  1. It was originally Australia’s ninth-largest city, having been founded in 1883.
  1. The largest firm in Australia, BHP, was founded here.
  1. Mining, lodging services, retail trade, art and entertainment, and agriculture are all part of the modern economy.
  1. The Royal Flying Doctor Service’s main airport.
  1. The site was used for Mad Max and Priscilla, Queen of the Desert filming.

Broken Hill may become a modern, vibrant city that boosts regional and national economies by embracing an innovative approach to urban development.

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